The HTC U (Ultra) 2017

The HTC U is the latest iteration of HTC phones, while its not a true successor to the HTC 10 we saw in 2016, it is new and sports upgraded internals with a glass back, Snapdragon 821 processor and 5.7 inch LCD screen. The HTC U is 750$ US but is it worth it?

Short answer is no, in my opinion it is not worth it. My reasoning is quite simple, while the phone looks premium and innovative, any tech head like me can see the flaws of its design and the lame gimmicks they have copied from other smartphone lines who have more to offer with phone from 2016 at a similar price point. The LG V20 for example has the same secondary screen that HTC shamelessly ripped.

As far as the aesthetics go, the glass finish on the back is a trade off of HTC’s usual metal backing, an while it does look gorgeous when it’s clean, it is a fingerprint magnet which HTC knows (box comes with a microfiber cloth, thank HTC). The glass itself is Gorilla Glass 5 which we last saw on the Note 7, a welcome upgrade. The size of the phone might be the biggest bane to the smartphones existence, having a 5.7 inch screen is not a deal breaker but having an overall footprint bigger than the IPhone 7 Plus is something that’ll get people turning away almost immediately, unless you have larger hands. It seems the only thing actually stopping the success of the phone is that price tag, at 750$ it is placing itself near the price range of premium phones that have way more to offer, the phone itself feels more budget oriented but the price says otherwise.

Overall, the HTC U line is welcomed to the smartphone market, but the HTC U has a long ways off before their phone can compete with androids premium market, maybe the U 2.

Is it worth it?

Hell no


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