Phones An Intro

Whether we like it or not, phones have become an integral piece of the every day ritual of western society, whether you’re an A -List celebrity seeking pleasure from fan mail, or an average Joe just checking your email for the next business dealing.

There are many variations of smartphones that have appeared in the last 20 years. After the rise of the IPhone, the diversity had appeared to shrink as people turned to Apple for all their smartphone based needs. But what makes people stick to apple? When there are android options that are significantly cheaper and in some cases, vastly superior in graphical, and processing performance.

Well, there are multiple reasons, there is brand loyalty, which can keep people loyal through thick and thin. Brand loyalty is exhibited in multiple groups of people of many different age groups, and usually happens when people have had a bad experience with a previous phone. That jump in performance experienced allows the user to associate that brand with superiority. After which, it is unlikely that person will switch into another brand.

The simplest reason is fluidity. Switching between the latest IPhone and any other android device, its clear that IPhone has the edge in hardware/software optimization. IOS with all its lightweight features, allow apple to use in some cases outdated specifications without seeming at all different from its competition. It is that same fluidity and ease of use that keeps users tied to the IPhone.


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